Make it Count

Water is scarce—1.8 billion people will soon be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. Even in regions where water is plentiful, distribution systems are aging, demand is rising and managing this precious resource is critical. At Itron, we're helping utilities make the most of their water by providing solutions that help achieve water efficiency, conservation and management outcomes like never before. Make every last drop count.

31 Million Gallons Saved

Nine thousand leak sensors. Millions of gallons recovered annually. And millions of dollars in savings each year at Providence Water.
water droplets
Many leaks go undetected. But with proactive monitoring from Itron, leak sensors can help you hear a pinhole-sized leak in your distribution network. Leak data is then collected and sent to a cloud-based software application for analysis. Costly and resource-wasting water leaks can be identified and addressed before they become a major problem.

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Reducing Consumption by 10%

In Australia, Kalgoorlie has reduced consumption and recovered the cost of its solution in two short years.
Kalgoorlie, Australia is completely reliant on the state capital of Perth for fresh water, which is delivered through a 600-kilometer long pipeline. Kalgoorlie needed a solution to its daily water scarcity issues, and partnered with Itron to better manage its resources and control waste. Since the deployment of our EverBlu solution, Kalgoorlie has seen a 10 percent water consumption reduction.

Increased Efficiency, Fewer Losses

PDAM Kota Malang, a water utility in Indonesia, had non-revenue water losses of more than 40 percent. But using water efficiency solutions from Itron, including WaterMind to collect insightful data for analysis, the utility has already achieved a 14 percent reduction in those losses. WaterMind helps PDAM Kota Malang be more operationally efficient.

State of the Industry

Helping utilities around the world be more resourceful is our mission—it's who we are and what we do. But how do we measure it? Check out our annual Itron Resourcefulness Index for a snapshot of the industry and how resourceful we are being when it comes to managing energy and water resources.

Our Solutions

Whatever your challenges, Itron has the technology, software and services to help you achieve the business outcomes you need. Learn more about our solutions or contact us today.

Smart Meters + Endpoints

Smart devices for better water measurement, communication and management.

Learn more about Itron's smart meters and end points for a variety of applications: 

Data Collection

Efficient, reliable data collection from across your distribution network.
From mobile reading to fixed networks, you can make the most of your resources, be more informed with detailed data and become more operationally efficient than ever before with data collection solutions from Itron.


Accurate usage and cost allocation for multi-unit residences.
With fixed network or mobile allocation solutions, you can accurately and efficiently bill customers for the energy and water they've consumed—and leverage the information you collect to improve service quality.

Data Management and Analytics

Make the most of your data with advanced data management and analytics solutions.
Your smart devices and network can provide more information than ever before. Make the most of the data you collect with data management solutions from Itron.

  • Temetra — Fast drive-by mobile data collection technology that gathers reads quickly and effectively
  • Itron Analytics — Make the most of your data with powerful analytics. 

Water Network Management

Manage water pressure across your system and detect leaks to save resources.
Itron's leading-edge leak detection technologies take the guesswork out of locating potential leaks and pressure management technologies help you automatically and accurately adapt pressure across water networks.

  • Advanced pressure management – Automatically and continuously manage water pressure across the network
  • Leak detection – Detect leaks quickly and efficiently in your distribution network

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