Itron Cellular Solution

Deploy proven technology, quickly and with limited investment with Itron Cellular Solution. Collect data from hard-to-reach points and low- to medium-density areas with a robust, scalable and future-proof solution.

Small Investment, Big Return

Based on existing point-to-point communication networks, Itron Cellular Solution is a true multi-energy (electricity, gas, and multi-segment) residential, commercial and industrial end-to-end solution. This simplifies your operations with an easy deployment and automated data collection without field routes or network management. Another perk? It minimizes initial investment.
Itron Cellular Solution provides prepackaged components including smart meters, modems and software covering meter deployment and maintenance, data collection and interface to upstream systems. Most of the use cases essential to your business are already implemented in this solution to facilitate faster and more cost-effective pilots or project deployments.

In addition, Itron Cellular Solution offers the required flexibility to be fine-tuned to your particular requirements. Two-way communication, compliance with open standards, firmware upgradability and meter modularity make our end-to-end solution a future-proof asset designed to follow the rapid pace at which technology and regulation change.