A Key Opportunity

Large commercial and industrial (C&I) energy users represent the majority of your utility’s load and revenue. And in the age of deregulated energy markets and distributed generation, these customers have more choice than ever before—providing the highest level of service and value to these customers is mission critical. Itron can help.

Serving your most important customers requires insight and understanding. Itron’s C&I solutions combine state-of-the-art metering and monitoring technology with high-performance communications and high-power analytics, all brought together by Itron’s industry-leading expertise in C&I data collection and management. Whether your objective is ensuring the highest power quality to a high-tech manufacturing facility, seamlessly integrating distributed generation, or providing specialized rates and programs to more effectively manage peak load, Itron can customize a C&I services package to ensure you deliver distinctive value and outcomes to your most important customers.

Unlock the Value of Transformer Monitoring

Real time visibility into how your transformers are operating provides distinctive business value. Itron’s Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) solution combines Itron’s advanced DTM metering technology with our software and analytics capabilities in a managed services offering to provide accurate monitoring and supervision of these critical assets.

Non-technical losses represent a significant drain on financial performance. Currently, utilities have very limited information on where these losses actually occur. By measuring the power flowing through distribution transformers, you can have a vital source of data to quantify and locate the sources of technical loss, ensure proper transformer loading, identify and locate energy theft, and maximize the operational life of the asset.
Detecting Energy Theft and Protecting Revenue

Consumption from all LV meters linked to a distribution transformer can be retrieved, calculated and then compared against the calculated DTM meter value. Plus technical losses of the transformer, to create an accurate estimation of all non-technical losses on LV side of the network. This information can be used to:

  • Identify and minimize non-technical losses on the grid
  • Reduce and eliminate unbilled energy consumption
  • Accurately pinpoint potential theft and provide near real-time data for analysis
  • Graphically illustrate where non-technical loss is occurring

Leveraging Distribution Transformer Monitoring to Improve Service to Customers

Learn how Network Waitaki Limited is using Itron’s Distribution Transformer Monitoring Solution to optimize capital investments and increase customer satisfaction.