$13.1 Billion Reasons

Up to 34 percent of water that is treated and pumped is lost in the distribution system. In North America alone, that adds up to $13.1 billion in missing revenue from leaks and inefficiencies. Make the most of your water resources with Itron.
Itron has the technology and services to turn that wasted water into opportunity. With industry-leading leak detection, seamless network communications and comprehensive analytics, Itron water solutions provide the data you need to more efficiently manage the world’s most precious resource.

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A Smart Foundation

To become a reality, smarter cities need a solid foundation to build upon—and Itron is helping cities do exactly that.

IoT Innovation

We’ve been connecting millions of devices in the field for years. With new technology, we’re unlocking the next wave of global, industrial innovation—see why the Internet of Things is better with Itron.

Safety + Efficiency Redefined

The scariest thing about a gas leak is not knowing when or where one might occur. But with technology from Itron, you have the upper hand on detecting potential issues, enhancing safety and preserving system integrity—all while becoming more operationally efficient than ever.
Itron solutions deliver valuable information at your fingertips, on demand. From gas AMI and analytics to smart metering, cathodic protection and pressure monitoring—and everything in between—Itron will deliver the outcomes that drive your business to be more effective than ever.

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Municipal & Cooperative Utilities

We understand the unique challenges and operational environments that municipal and cooperative utilities face. Learn how we are helping utilities and cities like yours thrive in today’s changing landscape.

Discover the Active Grid

Balancing supply and demand. Conservation and energy efficiency. Detecting unsafe grid conditions early. Integrating renewables. To address the challenges facing today’s electricity providers, we need to do more than just collect more data—we need an Active Grid.
Imagine what can happen when you connect intelligent devices in the field that can actually react and respond to changing conditions. Ones that can make decisions in real time and communicate over multiple mediums to ensure connectivity. Itron's Network combines distributed intelligence and analytic applications to improve grid safety, efficiency and reliability.

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Energy Allocated

Properly identifying usage and costs across an apartment building used to be challenging. But with Itron technology, you can accurately collect, allocate and bill for use in multi-resident locations.

State of the Industry

Helping utilities around the world be more resourceful is our mission—it’s who we are and what we do. But how do we measure it? Check out our annual Itron Resourcefulness Index for a snapshot of the industry and how resourceful we are being when it comes to managing energy and water resources.