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Itron's Grid Edge Solutions Portfolio enables DNSPs to evolve from AMI use case realization to real-time, grid edge infrastructure-based solutions and services.

Applications in the Grid Edge Solutions Portfolio solve business challenges from the substation to the consumer and beyond:
Australian LV-DERMS Solution
Itron's LV-DERMS solution for Australia builds on the strengths of our global platform but adds the necessary elements from our broad ecosystem of global partners to adapt to the rapid changes and distinctive requirements of the Australian market. Specifically:

The Future of Operational Forecasting has Landed in Australia

Learn more about a forecasting framework and the concept of Dynamic Operating Envelopes supporting a new market mechanism Australia is evaluating for growing and managing distribution energy resources (DER), particularly solar PV generation and battery storage.

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Utility Customers use Itron DEM solutions​

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Endpoints across more than 1,360​ utilities use Itron Managed Services

Proven Solutions

Itron Forecasting

Itron Forecasting

Itron’s Metrix™ solutions are used by the world's largest system operators, including AEMO, for short-term forecast accuracy, reliability, scalability and flexibility. Combined with DER Optimizer, the solution scales to support forecasting at the transformer and NMI level to help utilities effectively manage challenges posed by DER by creating more accurate inputs to the DOE calculation process. Finally, our Metrix solutions also support long-term forecasting and used in conjunction with network planning tools provide a consistent model across short-term and long-term forecasting requirements.

NEM Reform

NEM Reform

Our DER Optimizer technology assists energy retailers, utilities, DNSPs, and aggregators in preparing for NEM Reform. By integrating DER Optimizer, Metrix forecasting solutions, GridQube's state estimation engine, and a market interface, our LV DERMS solution provides visibility of the LV grid to Australian DNSP/DSO operators. This allows aggregators and retailers to capitalize on consumer owned DERs in a marketplace and facilitates emergency solar curtailment in cases of excessive generation. Real-time analytics enables the diversification into DER-based grid services, enhancing reliability, resiliency, engagement and sustainability. Explore our complete range of software APIs, and hardware solutions today.

DER Optimizer 580 x 200

DER Optimizer

Itron’s DER Optimizer enhances grid resilience by pinpointing DER locations, forecasting intermittent loads and offering precise control. Whether you want to tackle in-front-of-the-meter DERs or behind-the-meter DERs like EVs, solar inverters and battery storage systems—or a combination of all of these—this solution is modular so you can add functionality as your use cases increase.

EV Charging Optimizer

EV Optimizer

Accelerate fleet electrification and EV adoption with smart charging management, grid analytics and orchestration. Use real-time data to optimize and balance the grid and EV charging using Itron’s EV Charging Optimizer solution.

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Featured Use Cases

Turning Behind the Meter DERs into Grid Assets

Turning Behind-the-Meter DERs into Grid Assets​

DER adoption is growing exponentially. The integration of DERs at scale requires the adoption of an array of new and fundamentally different technologies that will significantly alter the utility-customer relationship.​

solar panels and windmills against blue sky

Forecast Framework for DERs

Distributed energy resource forecasts are critical to the real-time load forecasts that system operators require. Explore the Integrated Energy Forecasting Framework (IEFF) and how this concept has been extended to long-term load forecasting.

Real-time Analytics and Optimization

Real-time Analytics and Optimization

Turning DERs into true grid assets requires real-time visibility and situational awareness of DER operations and grid conditions. Leverage native integrations with Itron’s DI platform and networks to deliver real-time DER analytics and optimization at the edge with latencies that cannot be matched through purely cloud-based solutions.

Hurricne from sataliete view with warning

System Reliability

Supplement your contingency and spinning reserves with firm load curtailment from DERs to ensure system reliability during weather- or event-driven emergencies.

Power distribution lines glowing with energy

Non-wires Alternatives

Use DER control to manage localized congestion on your distribution network and defer significant infrastructure investments and upgrades, increasing the DER hosting capacity without compromising reliability.

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Grid Asset Protection

Protect vulnerable distribution infrastructure from dangerous over-loading and over-voltage conditions driven by DERs through real-time monitoring, situational awareness and locally optimized control.

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