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Wastewater Monitoring

The increasing frequency of severe weather events is putting significant pressure on utilities to monitor wastewater flow rates to prevent overuse, reduce pollution in parks and waterways, prevent property damage and mitigate negative impacts to public health.

For community wastewater systems, the traditional approach to wastewater monitoring requires routine site visits to manually retrieve data logs, providing a limited snapshot view of system usage. These site visits are costly, dangerous and disruptive to street traffic.

Itron’s proven partner solution for wastewater monitoring automates the measurement of flow rates throughout the wastewater distribution system to eliminate the lengthy and dangerous manual process of traditional manual approaches. With real-time visibility into system usage, utilities can accurately assess and conduct capacity analysis and performance monitoring to improve optimization and mitigate overuse, pollution and potential damage, and lessen the need for onsite visits.

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Advanced Water Solutions

Advanced Water Solutions

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