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Operational Visibility

The Challenge
Non-revenue water is a challenge for water utilities around the world. 34 percent of water that is delivered is never billed, representing 33.2 trillion gallons of water that are lost globally each year.

Unbilled authorized consumption. Apparent or commercial losses. Real or physical losses. All of these can impact your revenue and operations, and ultimately lead to the uneccessary loss of a precious resource. Identifying, monitoring and taking action to monitor these key performance indicators is a complex challenge.

Itron Approach
Itron is focused on delivering measurable results targeted at addressing and reducing your water losses. Gain operational visibility into your water distribution network and district metering areas (DMAs) through the water balance table, empowering you to stem water loss and improve operational efficiency

How do we deliver operational visibility? By integrating data obtained from existing meters, sensors and data systems all concentrated within a single platform that transforms data into insights, you can make better, more proactive operational decisions.

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Leak Detection

Take the guesswork out of detecting potential leaks. Automatically and accurately adapt water pressure across water networks.

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Smart Water Distribution Network Management

Combine networks and devices to manage leak detection, pressure management, flow analysis, demand forecasting, conservation management, hydraulic modeling simulation, pumping control, water quality and more.


Temetra Analysis

Detect and reduce real and apparent water losses—including those in your distribution network and at customer sites. Identify and prioritize pipe maintenance and enable proactive communications with customers.

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