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Intelis gFlex

Building on Itron's unrivaled 30-year experience in prepayment metering, Intelis™ gFlex™ is an ultrasonic smart meter offering prepayment capability for residential Gas. Integrated into an easy-to-deploy SaaS prepayment solution, Intelis gFlex helps utilities ensure their revenue and reduce financial exposure. Embedding intelligent capabilities, the Intelis platform simplifies network management through gas consumption data or programmable gas supply shutoff and exceptions management features.

Intelis gFlex Ensures Energy Payment to Utilities
With Intelis gFlex, end-users prepay the energy they consume, securing upfront revenue for utility companies. Studies show that prepayment options help save on debt collection actions and recover over 90% of unpaid bills when combined with other payment programs.

Intelis gFlex Makes Gas Networks Easy To Manage
Smart by conception, Intelis gFlex simplifies the day-to-day management of the gas network. Leveraging ultrasonic technology, the Intelis platform requires less on-site maintenance while maintaining a higher level of accuracy over time. Combined with programmable gas supply shutoff and exceptions management features, Intelis gFlex reduces both operation and maintenance costs.

Intelis gFlex Enhances Customer Experience
With prepayment, customers have the flexibility to purchase the amount of Gas they need and choose the payment channel that is most convenient for them. In addition, end-users can manage their budget more effectively, getting their consumption data delivered in real-time via text, mobile applications, or email.

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