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Itron Introduces Itron® Eyva™ – Helping Utilities and Cities Address Data Challenges, Realize Value and Transform Their Business

Itron Eyva Helps Utilities Shift Focus from Managing Technologies to Achieving Desirable Outcomes, Accelerating Business Transformation

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. — July 9, 2019 — Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) today announced Itron® Eyva™, an integrated portfolio of results-driven offerings to achieve a broad set of desirable outcomes for electricity, gas and water utilities and smart cities.  Itron Eyva provides actionable insights in three major focus areas, leveraging the power of untapped and siloed data for our utility and city customers:

Individual portfolio offerings include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) operations management, gas distribution & safety, revenue assurance, water operations management, data management, grid operations management, distributed intelligence, consumer engagement, distributed energy management, forecasting and strategic analytics. All outcomes are offered on premise, via the cloud or through a hybrid model.

“Itron Eyva marks an evolution in how service providers have reimagined what their customers truly need: desirable outcomes to meet their business challenges. In that light, thinking solely about technology, implementation and processes can become a distraction. Understanding desired outcomes and results, and gearing operations to achieve them is fast becoming the norm. Itron Eyva brings this transition to life by empowering utilities and cities through value and action,” said Aravind Yarlagadda, senior vice president of Itron’s Outcomes business.

Taking advantage of the power of multipurpose, secure networks and smart, connected devices from Itron and its vast network of partners, Itron Eyva delivers value-based outcomes across all aspects of a utility’s business by providing measurable results that improve efficiency and enable opportunities to enhance revenue, adhere to industry standards and conserve resources. Shifting the focus from providing technology and products to delivering outcomes changes the conversation to emphasize what is most important---business results and value.

“The landscape of challenges that utilities face has become so unimaginably complex that focusing on platforms, technologies, services or products obscures those challenges,” added Yarlagadda. “In listening to hundreds of utilities and cities customers, we heard loud and clear that outcomes tied to business results have become their prime objectives. This is the kind of vital and irreversible transition that we think will sweep across industries and markets.”

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