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Our Leadership

Possessing rich and diverse industry knowledge, our senior management team delivers an unprecedented level of commitment and value to our customers and shareholders.
Executive Management Team Operational Leadership

Executive Management Team
Philip Mezey Philip Mezey​
Tom Deitrich Tom Deitrich
W. Mark Schmitz W. Mark Schmitz
Barbara Doyle Barbara Doyle
Chuck McAtee Chuck McAtee
Sharelynn Moore Sharelynn Moore
Bruce Douglas Bruce Douglas
Michel Charles Cadieux Michel Charles Cadieux
Russell E. Vanos Russell E. Vanos
Shannon Votava Shannon Votava

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Operational Leadership
Carl Porter Carl Porter
Gavin van Tonder Gavin van Tonder
Mark de Vere White Mark de Vere White
Simon Pontin Simon Pontin
Rich Christensen Rich Christensen
Christophe Fontaine Christophe Fontaine

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