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Itron at the 6th World Water Forum
March 12-17 2012, Marseille, France

The World Water Forum is the world's largest meeting around Water. Every three years, it gathers all stakeholders around local, regional and global issues. The goal of the 6th edition is to tackle the challenges our world is facing and to bring water high on all political agendas (www.worldwaterforum6.org).

As the world's leading provider of water management solutions, Itron is fully committed to contributing to water conservation across the globe.

To know more about our concrete solutions, come and visit us at Hall 2, booth # 2143.

How Itron is addressing the challenges of water management
Marcel Regnier, President and COO Itron Water    

Water is essential to life. No plant, no animal, no man can live without water.While volumes of pumped fresh water have trebled in the past 30 years, global water demand is expected to grow 22% by 2030. According to the United Nations, 48 countries will face water scarcity in the same period of time, accounting for 47% of the world's population. Most of them are in Asia and Africa but more surprisingly areas in Europe and North America are also impacted.
That's why today, there's a general consensus at a global level about priorities: grant access to water to the largest number of people, improve water quality while increasing control of operational costs and last, but not least, reduce energy consumption.

Now, time has come for Solutions. Governments and national water companies have no choice but to secure and improve water management.

I'm used to saying: "We can only control what we measure accurately".

And that's what Itron is all about. Itron's know-how is about measuring the use of water and providing actionable data to private or public utilities.

With a unique expertise in the design and manufacture of smart metering systems, Itron is a trusted partner for all water stakeholders that are willing to manage and use water more efficiently, thus ensuring a sustainable future for us all.

I'm looking forward to meeting you in Marseille to share our experience and solutions and I wish you a fruitful 2012 World Water Forum.
Latest News

Feb. 20, 2012 - Itron selected by UN-HABITAT to be part of the Session on Target 1.1.3 related to "Global urban access to safe water" on Tuesday March 13 from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.

Itron solutions at work

Aqualia, Spain Aqualia, Spain
Smart Metering to increase water efficiency.

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Evides, Netherlands - GSM Supervision system to improve revenue collection.

Municipality Corporation of Greater Mumbai India - Advanced metering to save water.