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​Benefit from the Results of Our
One-of-a-Kind Partnership 

Itron and Microsoft have joined together to create technology systems capable of helping utilities organize, interpret and optimize the massive data provided by advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). As a result of this partnership, Itron's Meter Data Management (MDM) is the only enterprise-class MDM system that supports Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition.

Recent benchmark testing proves that MDM running on SQL Server can support time-based pricing for 10 million meters under real-world conditions. With the ability to use commodity hardware, the solution provides an incomparable combination of unparalleled scalability and incredible cost-effectiveness.

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​Build Out Powerful AMI with Our
Industry-Leading Solutions

​MDM makes it possible for you to manage meter, customer and operational data in one place. An enterprise-wide, open-architecture system, it provides secure access to accurate data for billing and analysis throughout your organization.

Our smart grid solution features a future-proof, open architecture design that will allow you to improve operations today while creating the systems of tomorrow. It is the most secure smart grid solution available, features a completely interoperable communications infrastructure designed in partnership with Cisco, and provides broad opportunity for engaging customers in the intelligent management of energy use.

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The Itron Meter Data Management solution uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise as its database foundation.
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